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Disclaimer: The information on PsychedonLife.com is meant to entertain and inform. We don't offer actual therapy sessions. What we offer is information to help you understand yourself in a nonjudgmental way. We  offer a link to a referral section on the Psychology Today website. Here you can find licensed professionals who specialize in specific areas you think are important to you.   A simple click brings an empathetic, non- judgmental professional directly to your computer or smart phone 24/7.   

Easy to understand explanations will help you understand why people behave the way they do all with the plan of opening new vistas of understanding about yourself.

•    Learn
•    Learn how to be
proactive in life
•    Learn how to
find love
•    Learn how to
forgive yourself
•    Learn how to
ask for help
•    Learn to be
•    Learn how to be
•    Learn how to
help others
•    Learn how to
create happiness

•    Learn how to create self-esteem


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Letters, photos and videos should be sent with the writer’s name, address, and phone number, via e-mail, to psychedonlife@gmail.com. Tell us who you’re writing to. Letters may be edited for length, clarity and content and may be published in any medium with your legal release. We regret that, owing to the volume of correspondence, we cannot post every letter.   

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We offer stories and images about people you normally watch and listen to in the media everyday. Understanding the psychology behind people’s needs, wants, desires and behavior demystifies it, helping put your own life and the lives of others into perspective. Familiarity breed’s a sense of comfort by eliminating any stigma attached to having problems because everyone has them.

Want to learn more? Click on a red word and you’ll be directed to informative articles from seasoned authors at Psychology Today. 
Listen to leading professionals voices on topical subjects on TEDTalks underscored by music videos from VEVO. You’ll remain linked to our site while you learn about the emotions and psychology behind the people places and events that affect our world.  When finished just close the tab to return to PsychedonLife.com


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My mission having a Masters Degree in Psychology  is to enlighten and heal the world one person at a time. When you’re a part of an audience and understand the artist’s messages, a light bulb goes off. From that moment on a single-minded revelation occurs creating a bond uniting you with the world. At that magical moment of discovery you are not alone anymore, an opportunity to create personal change appears, offering you a sense of personal power that affects your well-being forever.   

All it takes is opening your eyes to how others think and feel. Looking beyond yourself will help validate your own feelings and circumstances which can remove the stigma of feeling of terminally unique or so different that you want to hide from the world. Hiding hurts, by opening up and talking it out it sets you free. It’s a revelation that removes the paralyzing fear of judgment and moving away from feeling lost to finding yourself. Seeing yourself in the context of others helps you relate to the universal truth that is the story of your own life.   


At PsychedonLife.com we have our ear to the ground and hands on the pulse of the world around us listening and watching for the latest trends in Pop Culture and Psychology to help you see yourself and your world with new eyes. 

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We are all the same through the universal language of emotions. These feelings bring personal stories to life through our Community page. We’ve created a safe, confidential user friendly meeting place where people from every walk of life, age, gender, race, sexual orientation or cultural origin can come together online and communicate how they feel inside.

Your voice means something here whether it’s in times of need, celebration or reflection. Topics can range from issues with school, work, friends, dating, parents and more. Talking it out creates a way to see that people are not so different after all.

You’ll see that solutions, advice and support can come from anyone, anywhere at any time. Just imagine the sense of freedom knowing that your everyday life issues can become much more than commonplace, they can actually affect other peoples lives.

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