“The books that the world calls immortal are books that show the world its own shame.”

- Oscar Wilde, Writer

Great stories are written with words that evoke visuals, which elicit emotional connections to people missed or who promise to appear in the future making life dream like, romantic and full of possibilities. Stop and take inventory of your life.

Look around you and see what characters you have written into your life story and decide if they are serving you in a healthy way.

If the answer is no then edit the story.  Write them out of the dialogue that is your life and find others who are supportive, loving and inspire you to reach your potential.

A good story is a ticket out of the mundane routine of everyday life. Changes are exciting because they are unfamiliar in the beginning but if well thought out they can change the entire landscape of your life.

Take flight, get lost and find yourself by participating in stories that evoke emotions that elevate the consciousness and feed the soul.

Click on one of these books. Discover the psychology behind the story and its characters and learn something about yourself in the process.



Authors make words leap off the page by evoking emotions in the reader. Words create heart- pounding, tear jerking reactions pulling readers into familiar worlds and down roads less traveled.

Emotions fuel thought as human entanglements past, present and future drive readers to turn page after page igniting a burning desire to find out what happens next.

Themes from high action to love stories to apocalyptic adventure stories with sci-fi futuristic predictions and factual stories of historical figures have kept readers involved in the world around them for centuries.

An  author’s voice echoes into eternity, as ideas magically appear on a blank page.

Life needs to be documented and stories are the medium which express the best and worst in people for the world to see. 

All characters have a backstory, events that have a psychological influence on who they are as people at the time of the telling of a story. Writers take these features of their personality and create interactions with other characters who have their own psychological backgrounds. The creative interactions between characters is what creates  drama.

Through these interactions writers like fortunetellers, use their vivid imaginations to predict the future and offer explanations for the past. 

What if's, maybes and what might have been are spelled out defining history as an ongoing process defining the passage of time. 

Books offer a rich history of man’s thought process.  Stories offer an ongoing depiction of what it’s like to be human, defining the psychological conditions that dictate our behavior, lighting the way for readers to move forward to new chapters in their own lives. 

Life is like a book with pages and chapters with a beginning, middle and end.Each person is the author of their own life story. All of the best stories go through rewrites and revisions before they are published so to as the author of your own life story, you too can make changes for the better.

A Clockwork Orange

The Catcher in the Rye