To further confuse its people into compliance and  to disconnect the thought-emotion process a Ministries of Opposites exists: 
The Ministry of Peace - perpetual war; Ministry of Plenty - rationing and starvation; Ministry of Love - arrests violators; The Thought Police - eliminate highly intelligent people; The Ministry of Truth - propaganda using News-speak as Double-think where two contradictory beliefs appear as one: black is white and white is black and therefore 2 + 2 = 5.

The impact of Orwellian thought explodes off the pages into the minds of people today. Eyewitness news brings perpetual wars into living rooms;

NSA surveillance techniques have been revealed as reality; telescreens are the tiny eyes on desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones posing as cameras for use with Skype applications. 

Personal identity is an Inalienable birth-right. If denied, the future is the past. If fostered it facilitates a hopeful future for all mankind.

The methodology used to break Winston is called in vivo exposure using his own emotions as a source of physical pain.  

This numbing process involves putting the victim in direct confrontation with their fears. Winston has musophobia, a fear of rats.

The thought of prolonged emotional pain creates compliance, suppressing all the emotions associated with his identity crisis.

"Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull."

- George Orwell, Writer

 The Psychology of Self Identity 
(George Orwell), is the story about the dangers of how a big government corrupts and controls its people by numbing emotions and   removing a persons sense of personal identity. 

Written in 1949 as a warning against official deception, secret surveillance and manipulation of the past, the prediction of the future has now become the present. 

The story speaks about strategically positioned two-way telescreens which watch, listen and report all activity all the time fostering high levels of
paranoia fueling compliance.

The Media feeds citizens all information electronically telling people what to think and how to think it. Infractions are deemed Thought-Crimes facilitating immediate elimination. 

The story tells of a young devotee, Winston, who rebels against the system and is punished for it.

His job is to rewrite history, changing stories, altering or deleting photographic evidence of the past to fit into “Big Brothers” government agenda of total mind control.

​With no memory of the real past, the present becomes the past and the future. In a moment of unfamiliar clarity his emotions stir evoking a thought.

​Winston questions who he is as a person. What follows is a flood of emotions revealing a fear beyond the paranoia of compliance.

identity crisis emerges as his self-image appears as distant memory.  A red flag warning appears that emotions are in play.

The Thought Police arrest him and subject him to physical and psychological torture to remove his emotions.