"Our prime purpose in this life is

to help others. And if you can't help them, at lease don't hurt them."

- Dali Lama, Spiritual Leader

"My parents don't want me.  What can I do?"

- Juan

"I hate school and have trouble asking for help.  What can I do?"

- Dee

"Nobody believes  me.  What can I do?"

- Jewel

Emotions are a good thing. Think of them as your own personal language that speaks to you about what is going on inside yourself. Nobody is perfect. Everyone in the world feels pain, joy, anger and disillusionment with some part of their life at some time. Talking it out feels really good especially when there are people who listen. Reach out and you’ll give yourself a unique opportunity to find answers, to understand yourself a lot better and even help others in ways you never thought possible before.

Pick a photo and invite yourself into their lives, maybe your story offers a way for both of you to feel better. Write them a personal email and be assured it will arrive. Receivers and senders who agree with the legal terms of use can reply to:



Indicate with whom you’re communicating and include a photo or video of yourself and what your thoughts are. If chosen your thoughts may be posted on our expanded Community page for others to read and benefit from. Step out of your comfort zone and feel the freedom of never being alone again. For once in your life feel validated. Pick a new friend and know you'll be speaking to them and countless others. Tell them in your own words what its like to be you and how you understand them. With a little personal connecting we can help change the world one person at a time. Find your voice, be heard and feel what it's like to really connect with people.


"My parents don't understand me.

What's wrong with me?"

- Sue

"I'm gay. How can I tell my parents?"

- Bradley

"My daughter hates me.  Am I too protective? 

What can I do?"

- Barbara

"I just don't feel like life is worth living anymore.  What can I do?"

- Karla

"I'm pregnant. My parents won't understand. What can I do?"

- Beth

"I love my boyfriend but he yells at me.  I'm afraid of him. What can I do?"

- Ellen

From now on you are never alone. From now on you can reach out and touch someone who understands you. Each person has a story to tell. Each story has a beginning, middle and perhaps an ending waiting to be rewritten. Are any of these people like you? Each face comes with a personal story that is as unique as yours. This is your chance to tell the world what's on your mind and in your heart without a fear of being put down, judged or ridiculed as being weak, too sensitive or that there is something wrong with you because you have emotions. 

People don't choose their emotions or ask for the feelings they have, so being angry or sad doesn't make you a bad person.
The truth starts here. Reach out, open up and connect with the world around you. Tell your story and learn that it's OK to have emotions and that sometimes these feelings of yours hurt, are confusing or drive you to hide out. These emotions are yours and are designed to help you survive and make decisions that protect and gratify your needs.