History can be mapped by trends and fads which create time travel. When you hear the first words or melody it instantly triggers an emotion, a ticket to an emotional journey to past memories and emotions associated with the song. Music is power because of the emotional connection to each and everyone in the world. Click on these Grammy Award winning artists and discover the psychology and meaning behind their lyrics and you'll learn something about yourself in the process.

Ultimately the power of music it therapeutic. It can lift you out of depression, soothe anxiety and energize you when you need to overcome obstacles in life. The benefits are endless and the effects life changing. Tune in and tune out the monotony of everyday living. Music can change a mood in a heartbeat, help pass time without watching the clock.


It opens doors to understanding, generating thoughts and feelings, giving you pause to take inventory and question an action you are thinking about taking before making the same mistake you related to in the story of the song. 

With this mutual understanding you and others can see if your reality is working or not.

When the psychology behind the lyrics are understood, they bring a message to the heart and mind.  

The message creates another kind of emotion, the glue that attaches the lesson to your memory which creates a synergistic experience to be used over-and-over in your life to short circuit bad decisions, creating positive change. 

Music is a synergistic mind-body experience that connects your entire being from the inside out.

The emotions created by hearing the words and sounds of a favorite song sync with the beating of your heart, radiating outward, igniting fingers and toes to tap, heads to bob and your entire body to sway along with the beat is what feeling alive is.

As emotions rise you become one with the music. You heart rate rises pumping life-giving blood throughout your body as each and every cell is energized making you a part of something larger than yourself.

When the lyrics and music merge they create a contagious wave of emotion that has the power to wash over countless people at the same time. 

A personal anthem emerges raising a mass consciousness through the universal language of emotions.

The song becomes a story in your head playing over-and-over until it’s a part of your being.

"Music is the shorthand

of emotion."

- Leo Tolstoy, Writer

Be it classical, rock, country and western, rap, hip hop or rock each genre becomes a way of personal identification. What you love says many things about you without needing any explanation because its form of communication everyone relates to.

A combination of genres speaks to your emotional intelligence and openness to different cultures and points of view. Being eclectic means diversity, being specifically a connoisseur.

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