From that moment on your sense of sight is enhanced, you see things in a different way all through the connection between mind and emotions. The mind sees, remembers and recalls, transcending time and space bringing together the moments of our lives by putting them into the context of the here and now. ​

The emotional impact is enormous. Nothing goes unseen which creates a new level of awareness and moral responsibility in people who never thought they could make a difference. The world is thirsty for knowledge in ways people never thought before possible. Every moment in time has the potential to become a history making event and after being shared can change the world.  Click on these Pulitzer Prize Winning photographs. Discover the psychology behind the story and its characters and learn something about yourself in the process

The past, present and future then become our personal history, logged into our memory banks enabling us to recall where we were and with whom at that moment in time for eternity.

The world has become smaller due to the popularity of cell phone cameras.  Every man, woman or child can pull their phone camera out of a back pocket, point and click or video events happening right before their eyes.  It's an eye that never blinks.

Each image is sent to friends who pass them on to their friends who then post them online creating an explosion on the world wide web once it goes viral.

Hiroshima  WWII

The Napalm Girl Vietnam War

The Twin Towers 9/11

The Boston Marathon Bombing

“A photograph is a moral decision taken in one eight of a second.”

– Salman Rushdie, Writer

Armed with cameras, pad and pen or voice recorder they dictate and capture what they see, putting into words and images what no one can imagine, telling a story of an moment in time. 

They speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with no bias, deflection or desire to influence other than giving the audience an opportunity to form an opinion.

This allows you, the viewer an opportunity to react, to feel something, anything

A picture is worth a thousand words. With a pensive finger hovering over the shutter release the mind triggers an impulse and a lightning fast click captures an eventful moment in time.

The creation of an historic image immortalizes an event that evokes an undeniable emotion in the viewer.

The iconic image is etched on the minds of countless people around the world giving it a power to influence others.

The photographs displayed on the right column have been recognized as Pulitzer Prize Winning because they have changed the world.

These images transcend time, space and borders touching hearts and minds by illustrating the human condition. 

Photo Journalists and Journalistic Writers are our eyes, ears and voices.  They occupy the front lines of universal wars, are eyewitnesses to untold tragedies on the national stage, seeking out the intimate details behind closed doors.

Their job is to step out of their personal emotions, dispelling panic to become detached enough to seek out ways to peer into those lives that the events have changed forever.